Last Friday a friend and I decided to go see what we could find around town in the evening. After a half fail (well total fail really) we decided to head for what we knew.

The original entrance was no longer viable so we had to use a different way in, it still yielded the  same result and was probably easier in the long run.


After climbing 14 floors of double steps the sweat was pouring from my brow it was one of the warmest evenings of the year and despite the advancing hours was still humid and warm. We were relieved when the top floor was reached and were both hoping to find a similar entrance to that that we had found at another close by building a couple of months before. Alas, the layout was slightly different and there was no access to the roof.

We did however find a caged ladder that led up and out, we both agreed that there would be a terrible comedy moment involving the Fire Brigade had we attempted to fit between ladder rungs.

Tate Modern

None the less we decided to drop down 5 floors onto the roof of the adjoining building. The view was slightly disappointing as we didn’t get the high up unobstructed view of St Paul’s that we both aimed to see.  We did manage to get some half decent shots. Some are already in the gallery, others will be added later in the week.