After posting a few images of the fireworks and shots from the weekend I was surprised and totally shocked to find out the power of Twitter.

Until now I’ve been a bit skeptical about how many people my blog and twitter actually reach and who actually gets to see my images via this means. I use Google analytics so know how few people actually look at my blog. I also have a Flickr stream ( and look at the stats on there for daily viewing. Flickr gets gets far more views than the blog probably because  I’ve been using Flicker for a while and have a good bunch of people following me.  Mostly fellow explorers (or Urbanators as my mate calls us). I generally get around 100 views a day on my Flickr images. There are occasional spikes which I can only attribute to search engines doing their thing.

Yesterday however after posting my ‘Skynet’ and Fireworks images on Flickr I was shocked to see the numbers rise and rise and rise. This was all because I tweeted in reply to @LDN who had linked to some Lord Mayors firework shots. After that things got a bit ballistic and I’ve had countless friend requests and twitter follows. Added to this Skynet made #30 on Explore and Lord Mayors Fireworks were #27 on consecutive days

Anyway whilst trying to surf the wave here’s another night time image from Friday evening – its a 5 shot HDR with the 18-135 shot at f9. Exposures from 5 to 25 seconds. there’s a little bit of Nik going on but that’s about it – only using Pro Contrast filter and RAW Presharpener. The rest of the processing is done using brighter and darker curves and masks. simple really!

Of course if anyone want to buy prints they can be readily available 😉