My exploring buddy and I decided to have a late night out on the town again. Despite getting some info on another location we decided to stick with what we knew as we both wanted to get some shots of St Paul’s Cathedral.

We’d been to this location before but not got up to the top due to access being locked and neither of us being contortionists or possessing 26 inch waists. This time someone we were a bit more lucky and the gate to the roof was open. After minimal hesitation we were in. There’s lots of work going on here at the moment, scaff going up and diggers down below, so how long the buildings will be there I don’t know.

Once on the roof we were immediately relaxed and got on with the business of photographing the awesome view of st Pau’ls. Unfortunately the evening was a bit hazy, so the images we managed to get weren’t as clear as we would have liked, but good none the less.

Another relaxed explore complete we retired back down to the bottom of the building and out watched by bemused drunk people at the bus stop.

Click on the shots for more images and larger versions.