After a trip to see a friend I decided that I should go check out the South Bank with my camera. Its not often that you get hte chance to shoot anywhere in London without people, so I figured that midnight would be a good dimer to see what I could do. I’m also very enthusiastic about night shooting, it suits my processing style well.

I wasn’t disappointed with the setting, I really enjoy shooting at night, there’s a certain tranquillity about having no-one else around, no waiting for tourists to get out of the way, and no hustle and bustle. It leaves me alone to concentrate on the task in hand. I’m the proud owner of a new Canon 5D mk3, so wanted to get acquainted with the new buttons so this gave me the time to do exactly that. Things are quite different to my 550D and there’s a lot to get my head around. One thing that I can immediately say is that high ISO is amazing, I now have no fear in upping the ISO to 400 or above, the images are still very usable especially after some de-noising in post.

PWC on the South Bank in London (Mark Blundell)


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