London City Panorama

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London City Panorama

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With the sun setting later and later as summer draws closer its becoming increasing frustrating to get out and do some night shooting. I ventured out to The City last night to have a play and shoot a few panoramas and have a bit of an explore without the hustle and bustle of all the workers about. I was still surprised at how busy it was though, lots of people out in their summer clothes going to various parties and bars.

I’d been gagging for a beer all day myself as the weather was lovely, however I knew that I was driving so had to wait until my return. What I had intended to be a couple of hours ended up being four hours in the end. Well worth it though and the 1.30am beer was very welcome!


The panorama above is from a bridge over London Wall. I’d not noticed it before and provided the perfect vantage point for a shot of Heron Tower. I’m really happy with how this stuck together, its an absolute breeze once the nodal Ninja is setup correctly, the stitching software worked really well and processing from start to finish didn’t take too long at all. I’ve left the tripod in this one as it would have been pretty hard to mask out due to the shadows.


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Jan Winther

May 28, 2012at 11:33 pm

Holy crap, that was amazing, Mark. What a cool experience. I just got a 27″ monitor, and boy did it look good when it filled the whole screen. Wow.


May 31, 2012at 10:58 pm

Plenty more here >>

– Gregory Allen Deese

June 1, 2012at 5:45 am

[…] London City Panorama – these incredible 360* panorama presentations by Mark Blundell are both totally unique and utterly captivating. ┬áThis piece showcases a street in downtown London, and gives the viewer a strong sense of what the city feels like at night. ┬áMark also does a great job in capturing some building reflections in the glass, adding so much further interest to the images. […]

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