I’ve recently got myself a panorama head and have been quietly testing it at home before taking it out on adventures abroad. This is my first ‘proper’ test and public showing of the results. I’m fairly happy with the results ans it certainly shows a great deal of potential for large areas such as this.

{qtvr http://www.markblundellphoto.com/Panoramas/Liege/liege.mov 900 750}

Click and drag on the image once its loaded.

The image is made up of around 15 sets of three brackets and when put together is pretty large. Processed with Photomatix / Photoshop / PTGui and Pano2VR. I’m undecided as to the best format to output to whether Quicktime or HTML5 are the best ways forward, both give far sharper images than the Flash plugin. QT (as far as I know) cannot be skinned. More investigation is required.