This was the last location we visited on our Euro Tour and was on the way back to Calais for the ferry so it seemed rude not to pay a visit. We didn’t have very much time and calculated that we could only spend 1h 30m in the location. We did our normal external recce to suss out the building and made entry into the left hand side.

We were immediately taken with the size andĀ  how trashed this former mill was. Every reachable wall has been tagged with (not particularly good) graffiti and most of the upper floors are missing. Andy and I made our way as high as we could and after a very quick superficial discussion decided not to try to get any higher. From below it was easy to see how rotten the floors were and some of them made the familiar creaking noise of bad floorboards when treadingĀ  on them. We’d had a good trip and didn’t want to end it on a sour note.

Interior of Les Grandes Moulins de Paris in Lille, France (Mark Blundell)

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