It wasn’t all manor houses and hospitals on our recent tour of Italy. On the way we travelled through France and Luxembourg, stopping off at a rather tasty coke washing plant. This was an interesting one as the site that it is on is live with plenty of people around. thankfully we entered unnoticed and headed upstairs where all the good stuff was.

The intel we had indicated that the place was a death trap and somewhat rusty inside, we were told to tread carefully, how right that was, there were stairs with steps missing, seemingly safe walkways totally rusted out on one side and lots of severe decay all over the place. The three of us were very careful. Added to this the whole site was silent apart from the sound of the odd bird tweeting, it was near impossible to be quiet.

Once safely ‘up top’ we got on with our work, the view was quite astounding and I’ve not had such an industrial ‘WOAH’ since seeing Cell 4 at Pyestock, rust and crust everywhere!

 (Mark Blundell)

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