I recently met Laura Clark through a job on the local magazine where I was asked to shoot her apartment – its slightly unusual. Soon after Laura asked me if I would be up for taking some portraits at New Wave Academy where she practices MMA. As a result of this she asked if I would be interested in taking some pictures at the MMA Fury event, of course I jumped to it. Since then I’ve realised that I really enjoy this type of photography and it s not just the photography, MMA is a great night out.

I find it technically challenging too, there’s a lot to think about when shooting the action as so much can ahppen in a blink of an eye – minimum shutter speed, ISO as low as possible, focussing on the fighters correctly, and of course trying to enjoy the night too!

Here’s an image of Laura getting ready, I really liked this image, I dont think Laura even knew I was there snapping away, too heavily engrossed in her own thoughts and listening to her trainer but looking confident and relaxed.

Laura Clark of New Wave Academy

┬áHere’s Laura Clark in action



Laura totally bested Emma Ibrahim and the fight was stopped in the second round amidst calls to halt the fight from the crowd as it was somewhat one sided.

Video from YouTube C.A.U.K (Cage Amateurs UK)