Viveca and I were going to go further afield today, but hadn’t really planned too much so decided to go to our ‘local’ .

I’ve been here many times now, I think this was my eighth visit, and despite being quite small its a fairly decent explore and always a good trip. There are a few huts with some interesting stuff and the industrial unit is fun too, lots of climbing and dark places to check out.

No Way Up

This image is taken from the ground floor is a dimly lit area, All of the stairs have either the bottom rungs removed or are chopped off completely as here. getting up them is no real issue though. This is a 6 exposure shot taken at f5.0 in ISO 200. I do have 9 exposure but fount that it came up WAY too bright and didn’t suit the dark mood I was trying to achieve.

This is a pretty decent set to see how my photography has developed over the last two years. It was the second or third location I went top as a partially serious ‘tog an dI have no doubt I’ll keep going back.