Kit hill is a small peak near my Mum’s place in the town where I grew up. We used to have the pleasure of running up here is sports at school. I tended to walk most of the way!

I thought it would be good to end our New Year stay with a little drive around the local area and have a look at a few of the sights. The view from up here is pretty good on a clear day and Eddystone lighthouse can be seen around 20 miles away. Today wasnt quite so clear and it was pretty windy, so we didnt stay long.

Kit Hill and the surrounding area was heavily mined between 1825 and 1909. Tin, silver, copper and wolfram were hewn from the hills during this period. The hill is littered with open and capped shafts. There was also a test carried out by the Atomic Energy Authority in 1959 to test seismic reaction to nuclear blasts. This tunnel is still ‘accessible’, however it wasn’t on the list for today.

Kit Hill stack and mine at Callington, Cornwall (Mark Blundell)

Once again this is processed on the Samsung laptop which has the worst screen I have ever used. Its certainly a great machine for taking on holiday and accessing the net, however its not so good for processing images.