This weekend I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot Juan Carlos Santana for Fighting Fit Magazine.

I received a call in the week out of the blue to go and do a shoot of J.C. performing some exercises with a resistance band for a series of instructional pictorial features in FFMag. Although I can’t publish my images before they go to press the publisher was kind enough to let me post a portrait. Despite J.C’s size, he was absolutely lovely and a pleasure to work with, repeating exercises when I didn’t quite get it right or the flash didn’t fire and taking time to have a chat during the shoot as well, this is certainly something that I would like to do more often.

If you are ever in the neighbourhood of Boca Raton in Florida and in need of a workout, you should go check out his fitness centre, The Institute of Human Performance. it’s pimped out with all the latest equipment.

 (Mark Blundell)

Portraiture is something that I really enjoy doing, both the lighting and shooting as well as the post afterwards, there is a little more to in than just sticking the camera on the tripod and shooting off a load of brackets at f9.0 or f.11. This was a simple single softbox image, flash directly in front of the subject.