Half way through the Tour d’Italia with RomanyWG and EllisD and things are going well for us. After a slow start of one location a day we’ve done three today.

We hooked up with some locals for a convent, but unfortunately it had been recently boarded so entry wasn’t possible. Luckily they had a backup plan and we visited a small chapel and abandoned factory, neither or which were particularly inspiring as they were, however the light turned them into something special.We followed these with a rather tasty hospital, again, if the light had been poor it would have been a different story, but things seem to have turned in our favour today.

The three of us have seem some amazing locations over the last few days as you will hopefully see from the below image, yes this is a real mansion that is currently un-occupied!

My processing isn’t up to much with these images as I am using a 10 inch screen on my Samsung NC-110 which isn’t really designed for image work, hence I cant vouch for the colour or brightness on these. I’ll most likely re-process once I get back home and can work in a calibrated monitor.

In the meantime, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this little teaser.