Italian Hospital B – The Last Song

Here’s an image fron the reception of an Italian hospital. The hospital itself didn’t look as if it had been empty for very long, this part on the other hand was stripped and empty, a little decay was vivible, but the property was watertight so not too dangerous.

I heard that a few weeks after being here that there were a couple of photographers inside when security started boarding up the entrance point!

 (Mark Blundell)

Click for a larger version.

I’ve included the initial image so you can see the difference between the before and after.


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  1. Romanywg

    second one is best by far. The first looks like every other urbex shot.
    `IMO of coarse.

    • Mark_Blundell

      Thanks for the honest comment – always appreciated. I thought that the SOTC was a little ‘flat’, even after some HDR. I also wanted to bring out the painting in the background a bit as well.

  2. Bob Lussier

    I really like both versions. The HDR version really brings out a mood. Great job.

  3. Jim Denham

    Nicely done Mark and kudos for getting in ahead of security!

    • Mark_Blundell

      Cheers Jim – the weather was rubbish the day we were there , maybe the security didn’t want to get their hair wet!

  4. Toad Hollow Photography

    What a story there, Mark, YIKES! Man, that would be a weird feeling, to hear someone nailing the place shut while you’re inside shooting! Great great textures and details here, my friend, what a fabulous photo!

  5. lisa

    These are magnificent photographs.
    Beautifully done.


    Wow the italians know how to do things right. Looks even better with a bit of decay. Much preferring the processed shot but thanks for including the original I know some people prefer the straight from camera look.


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