After spending a considerable time trying to figure out a streamlined way to work out this blog / image archive effort I had to illustrate the workflow to myself. The attached image is FAR simpler than the first workflow where I was ending up double posting to Facebook and Tumblr.

A lot of work has been cut out after discovering that I can post a .TIFF to Photoshelter. This means that I only have to save two resolutions¬† of image, one .TIFF that is full res – basically what i have been working on. The second is a lower quality and smaller image that goes to Flickr. I realise that I can post a whole gallery to Flickr, but the speed that I work at (slow) its unlikely that I’ll use this.

Another bonus of Photoshelter is the ability to be able to upload and link to Facebook. Once again this is very useful for pointing potential viewers from SM site directly to my vending side.

Photoshelter and WordPress Integration

After changing the theme of the site today I think I am happy with it but would welcome comment either positive or negative. I’d like to make this slick and easy to navigate.