On the way back from Cornwall we stopped off at a ‘nice’ hospital that I’d found out about. Initially I wasn’t too impressed and on return to the PC after uploading and looking at my shots i really wasn’t expecting much from this set at all.Viveca and I didn’t spend too long at the location as the light was fading and the weather was rather changeable to say the least – one minute blue skies, the next raining rather hard.

We scouted out a few buildings first and couldn’t find anything too interesting. It’s funny how a few years ago I would have thought the location was totally amazing, now though after many urbex trips I know what floats my boat and this didn’t really do the trick.

 (Mark Blundell)

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On second visit of the images though I ran them through my workflow I was still not over enthralled with the results. I decided to look at some of the different filters that I’ve not used in a while and and have got what I think are some decent results.

So the moral of the story is to always have a second look, what you initially thought was not promising may well be, take a step back and slow down, try something different and see what happens – you never know you may have a winner after all.