Second day got off to a slow start. I didn’t get up quite as quickly as I would have liked. I think my dodgy ankle may have caused me not to sleep too well, consequently I woke several times in the night.

First stop was Organ Monastery. After doing a recce I decided against it. I couldn’t really see a way in and the entrance is on a residential road. I headed to HH3which was close by instead.

A short drive around past lovely houses I arrived my goal. I took two attempts to find the entrance, some strength and agility was required, but I managed to get in in the end. Initially I was quite spooked by a beeping inside – I soon discovered that this was the ‘Dentists Lift’ which still had power applied. Un-nerved but resolute I soldiered on. The wing in which I entered was fairly mew, so not much decay. There were a few interesting sights though, random chairs and beds left around the place. obviously left in position by previous explorers. so I apologise if I have the same shots as you.

More wandering around ensued and tbh I wasn’t overly impressed. The ground floor did have hundreds if not thousands of x-ray negs, boxes and boxes and yet more boxes of peoples insides, then a room full of them all neatly filed. There were a couple of machines with what looked like expensive equipment left standing.

A Lack Of Oxygen

I continued to the older part of the hospital in search of decay. however as soon as I got to ‘the good bits’ I heard people upstairs, footsteps right above me. I hadn’t been too quiet with opening and closing doors so was sure that whoever it was would have heard me. Explorer, hobo or security, I didn’t hang around to find out. Time to leave.

Blame It On The Black Star

The way out was slightly comedy with me hanging onto the drainpipe to make good the exit. I was very conscious of my ankle being slightly dodgy so didn’t want to aggravate the injury by falling awkwardly. I managed to get down in the end though only to almost walk into two women whom I had spotted cycling around earlier. They stopped for around 10 minutes nattering to each other. eventually they went on their way though and I was able to get a decent exterior shot. Several people cycled past, so I can only assume that the grounds are a good shortcut.