The front of the housing block looked pretty bleak, all doors and windows shuttered and welded closed. The estate was deserted except for a few people passing through as a short cut. Yet the London traffic was always present.

I’d really like to go and shoot some more here, but felt more unsafe than I normally do an a solo urbex jaunt. At least when in a derelict house or factory you are expecting to be alone, here that wasn’t the sate. With it being one of the poorer areas its well known for street crime.

I had some trouble processing this – the image wasn’t quite square and slightly wonky, given the bend of the lens getting the straight lines straight was a trial and I didn’t quite manage to do it as well as I would have liked – straighten on part and another goes wonky and so on.  None the less I like the atmosphere that’s been created.

Derelict flats at Heygate Estate, Elephant and Castle, London (Mark Blundell)

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