What with it being a Bank Holiday here Viveca and I decided that it would be a nice idea to go out and do something non urbex and touristy in the countryside. no creeping around trying to be quiet or having to worry abut security catching us.

We had two choices – Hever Castle or Bodiham, we plumped for Hever as it was closer in the end. After setting off we were immediately sent into TomTom disarray as the satnav decided to take up on what seemed to be the most direct route – it’s recently got into this habit which all told isn’t too bad – nice country lanes and pretty villages abound.

I wasn’t really expecting too much from the visit to be honest, but was very pleasantly surprised.  There is a lovely big lake, so a stroll around that was very nice, watching people out boating, ducks and swans all seeming to be enjoying the sun too. Many people seemed to have come just for a picnic on the lawns with their family. There was the added bonus the King Henry VIII had turned up too with some of his buddies and were shooting bears and deer with arrows for our enjoyment.

Much of the formal garden area was decorated with Roman / Italian antiquities, statues and other impressive masonry, no doubt this was pilfered by the English at the turn of the century.

The castle itself was small but none the less impressive , well maintained and historically interesting with Henry’s wives having stayed there and information and artifacts relating to the current owners – The Astors.

I would certainly recommend this as a day out – take a picnic and watch the people go past, avoid the cheeky and very brazen swans too!

More information about Hever can be found HERE

Photographically I’m not over happy with the shots – all are handheld HDR and as such are a bit shaky.  If anyone has some advice on how to get the clouds lined up correctly whilst taking multi exposure and avoiding ghosting I’d be more than happy to take some help and technique correction.