This is quite literally the end of Hellingly – the floor finishes here. As the diggers move in I have no doubt that this is now rubble.

I’m going back tomorrow for what will most likely be the last time. I think I have documented the asylum almost enough and have pretty much all of the shots that I want. Externals are on the agenda, so hopefully it wont be raining.

I have to let the emotional attachment go, not something that’s easy to do.  This place means a lot to me as I have described in previous posts. It’s funny that the destruction and redevelopment coincides with my 40th birthday next week, both chapters passing at the same time, new houses being built on the old land as my younger years pass and I move towards middle age. Metaphorically both the asylum and I am in the same place, with so much gone past, yet so much to look forward to.

I think I may need to stop listening to Pink Floyd, its been quite fitting over the last weeks.

The end of Hellingly asylum (Mark Blundell)

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