This is a more processed image than my normal work and done with a bit more of a lighter hand. I think it shows that a little more time has been taken over this one compared to the darker images.

As the UE specialists will attest – asylums and baths seem to go well together. Baths seem to be one of the last things that are taken out of the establishments. This could be because they are heavy and generally screwed down. They may also have some resale value it cleaned up (although they my not too)!

Baths seem to process up well too, the grime can be highlights and there is usually some shine left in them.

This was processed as usual with Photomatix and Nik filters with the addition of the OnOne filter kit. I’ve used Focal Point to blur the edges and try to draw focus to the bath in the foreground. This will no doubt become one of my favourites, I’ll just have to beware not to overuse it.

Dirty baths at Hellingly Asylum, East Sussex. (Mark Blundell)