My penultimate trip to Hellingly (probably). This is almost where it all began for me and many others, my affair with photography, urbex and processing images, heck, I even met my other half at an asylum! Whilst taking the images, I’m totally in the zone, thinking about what to shoot and how to frame images, but on my return and reviewing the shots, I do feel quite sad that this place is on its way to being a pile of rubble, it has give me a lot in so many ways.

As with so many of the places I’ve been over the last couple of years this location is now making way for the developers. Houses are going up quickly and people are already living on top of where the acute unit once stood – this was the building that housed the ‘difficult’ patients. I’m not sure it’s somewhere I’d like to reside knowing what went on there.

This trip took with one of my very best photographer friends – RomanyWG. It was a bit of a faf to organise on my part and I had to change plans for Sunday, but it was well worth it. I think this was my 5th visit and still I managed to get some different images.

The image below is of ‘The Great Hall’, possibly one of the grandest asylum halls in the UK left still standing. I’ve taken numerous shots of this room and never been able to quite nail it how I wanted – lens not wide enough, rubbish light or just not a particularly good shot. Its fairly hard to take in the morning as the light floods in through the windows and makes the highlight exposure pretty hard. Hopefully this has done the trick though. Since my last visit all of the floorboards have been taken up exposing the rubble below.

Hellingley Great Hall (Mark Blundell)

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