As the construction / destruction is continuing at pace at Hellingly there are several parts of the remaining buildings where there were once corridors that are now open to the world. Although there are plenty of wards left, many of the connecting corridors that we used to traverse are no longer left and iopen out to the external rubble. This is a point in case. The bath being one of the few items that are actually left in the facility, pretty much everything else is stripped.

It’s worth taking care here as the construction workers were outside so good to keep an eye out of who is where to avoid being advised that one should not really be there. Obviously a good idea to keep an eye on things when on the first floor to ensure no falling out too!

 This was again a fairly hard image to process, the contrast of the room with the bath and light outside was hard to balance. Its worth really taking note of exposure with HDR in this respect to make sure that both shadows and highlights are exposed correctly.

 (Mark Blundell)

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