One from the vaults. After reading about other favorite photographers looking through their old shots I decided to take a look through those that I had taken during the summer of last year and came across some from the abandoned mine in Belgium.

This shot depicts the winch at the foot of the main shaft. The cables would have been hooked up to the top of the mine HERE. The area was pretty run down and tagged all over the place however this view offered a nice framing opportunity.

I’m pretty bunged up with a cold at the moment so unfortunately prose is not high on the agenda, so less is more in this case. Click the link above for more on the explore.

Hassard Cheratte (Mark Blundell)

Click the image for a larger view and the rest of the gallery.

I decided to treat this slightly differently to normal using a lighter toning which I think works well here. Its the usual HDR with Photomatix and Nik filters and my tone curve painting technique to bring out the darker areas.