Must admit that I’ve been having a bit of a writers block recently. A lot of the images that I have are not u to the standard that I would like them to be. I feel as if I need to get out to the places that I’ve been again and take the shots with a little more thought.

I find that this often happens – I’ll go out shoot some great images, only to return home and find that they are not composed quite how I wanted, are slightly out of focus or the DoF isn’t where I wanted it to be. It’s very frustrating, especially if I’ve traveled a way to get somewhere or Urbex access want so easy. For instance my recent trip to Belgium. I really want to go back to complete unfinished business.

Anyway – enough moaning, I find that I am my biggest critic and what would have been acceptable 6 months ago as a GREAT image and post  processed final is now just mediocre. I guess that’s how one becomes better at the game!

This image is from the disused coalmine, the card at the rear relates to the respirator – in the largest full size shot you can see the lovely handwritten name and dates – April 1950. the card at the front is, I assume a time card for clocking in and out of shift.

As always this is a bracket image processed with Photomatix 4, Topaz, Nik and PS5.