Grandes Moulins de Paris

Grandes Moulins des Paris – Dont Look Down

Getting back to the GMdP set now.  Andy and I spent a little more time in the right hand wing of the mill as the floors looked a little more solid, only just though. There was a good deal of walking where we expected the supports to be. Luckily there were no mishaps. This side of the mill was far more together with floors mostly intact and a good deal of (not very interesting) machinery left rusting. This was fairly hard to frame – trying to get all the elements of the image in was a challenge, the graffiti, corridor and hole in the floor. It took quite a bit of adjustment , moving the tripod back and forth and tweaking the angle. I like the outcome though.

Les Grandes Moulins de Paris (Mark Blundell)

Click the image for a larger version and the rest of the gallery.


Thee have been a few comments bouncing around my HDR / Twitter friends regarding the HDR debate. I’m somewhat tired of it too. All of my images are HDR, however the initial image is generally fairly flat. most of the work that I do on images to give them punch (or overdo / turn up to 11) is done with filters. It would matter very little if the image was HDR or not. I use the HDR technique to give greater light and shadow, to bring out detail in darker areas of an image.

Bottom line is that I process and shoot for myself. this is not my job, its a hobby and something that I enjoy very much. If you like my photos comment, if you don’t comment as well. I shan’t be offended. This is the first and last post I shall make on the subject.


  1. This is so cool Mark…love it!

    And forget the HDR stuff…I’ve noticed the whining about it has dropped a lot lately, and plus I’m done worrying about what others think.

    It’s art, it’s beautiful, enjoy it.

  2. I didn’t realize people were complaining about HDR – not around the blogs I have seen recently. I just figured there were hardcore advocates of it and those that just avoided it. It really does make a dramatic difference without necessarily changing the way the scene really would look if you were standing there.

    This shots is great – and scary at the same time! Reminds me of almost falling into a little pit inside one of my first abandoned building adventures.

  3. Beautiful images.
    When I show your images to my friends in my job place, I often hear “well I like rather the images straight from the Dslr.. these are not real photos”
    I just imagine people saying to Monet the same thing and I just smile…

  4. Well, some say its cheating, and some say its a just a way of processing an image. Im with the last group. If it was cheating, anything we do in PS will be cheating.
    I really enjoy a great HDR image, and aspire to pull one of my self one day.
    Your shot to day is truly fantastic. Quite a drop. I would question the integrity of the floor right away.. :)

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