There are lots of ‘things’ left around Pripyat as you would expect from an abandoned city, most of these have only slightly elevated radioactivity, the majority of the vehicles have been removed to another location where they can be monitored and visitors are rarely allowed to see them due to the latency of the radiation, trucks, personnel carriers, cranes and helicopters are in the compound.

There was however this grabber that had apparently been used to remove carbon which had been left in the close vicinity of Reactor Four after the accident. The only warning to the exceptional radiation levels is the small sign to the left of the machine.

The Grabber

Our guide carried with him a meter to measure the level of radiation, as soon as we got close it started to beep, slowly at first, then more so, then more again. The level of radiation in the general area is not that much higher than the regular ambient levels in the UK. From memory the meter would read around 4 or 5 micro sievert as we were walking around. When the meter was placed in the center of the grabber the levels rocketed to 127 , around 300 times the regular level. The standard amount of radiation over a year that we all receive is around 1000 micro SV.

Needless to say, we took our pictures and vacated rather promptly.