I’ve not shot at 100 Club before so was excited to go there and take pics for Mute Elephant. To be totally frank I was more excited about seeing Tim Muddiman And The Strange  as well as Saffron than Fuzzbox.

Tim Muddiman and the Strange
Tim opened the proceedings with his dark punky tunes, the band played an excellent set and licked off the night in the right manner.


Saffron (of Republica) cam on to applause and rattled through a sol set of punk and her own tunes – Ready To Go // Bloke being favorites of mine as well as a bit of Teenage Kicks. It certainly looked as is Saffron was enjoying herself on stage and was pretty brave to get up and sing with accompaniment from a guitar.

Finally Fuzzbox came on. I was super surprised to recognize  some of the tunes, I think my musical taste must have been elsewhere when they were popular previously, however as I’m now back to being an indiekid (admittedly at 44) the energy and guitars were infectious.


Photographically it was interesting, there is no photographers pit at 100 Club so having to jostle / be polite and ask if i could squeeze in was something different and something that I’m not 100% comfortable doing. Having been to see several bands that just play the odd gig here and there I know how annoying it is. I shot mostly with my 16-35 as space was tight and I’m really happy with the results. FuxxboxI really enjoyed the bands, and indeed the evening, another cracker from Mute Elephant.