Next Stop Filature EDP.

I have no idea what EDP stands for but from the visit I can only surmise that it has to do with printing or production of garments. I was thoroughly underwhelmed with the location at first, ground floor trashed and full of junk, most of it garish, from what looks like a fun fair and not in a good state at all. I was about to leave when I came across a small but interesting corridor. A chair always does the trick, as does a dark background, light from the holes in the roof.


A side room gave further credence to the printing hypothesis – plates with images on them packaged with the images cut out from papaers. This was the image library of the past, long before the days of FLICKR and the internet. Unfortunately some clever twat had decided to throw most of the blocks on the floor of the room and they lay discarded and forgotten, images of people and places rotting on the concrete feeding the fern growing in the center of the room.

Show Me Your Story

After a little more walking around I found my way to the second floor, a far lighter place, still an empty warehouse with little left in place. the light was good though and at one end I did find some interesting ledgers from 1951. It always thrills me to find something written before I was born, the handwriting, so neat.A skill that is lost on us youngsters who are shown a keyboard at such an early age. TBH I was fairly underwhelmed with this one, rescued only by a few nice images. The ground floor does have some great machinery in it, either from printing or spinning yarn, downside is that it was so dark that it was impossible to photograph. More time, flash and a great deal of hit and miss would have been required.

Basket Case

There ended Day one of my UE trip, I made for Antwerp and a decent hotel, Not sure that I can slum it any more. I appear to have somehow picked up an injury to my right foot which is more than annoying, It’s something that Ive had before, almost like a tendon in the wrong place.