Another vintage camera from the 28dl fella.

This one was manufactured by Ilford now better known for their production of photographic film.
Thus is by far the most complex of the early cameras having both focus and aperture. The focus is from 5 feet to infinity and is fairly precise at shorter distances.
Aperture is limited to the normal ‘sunny’/’cloudy’ settings. There is no exposure adjustment.
However there is a cold shoe that facilitates an external flash. I have tested this with my Zenit flash and confirm that it works however I’ve yet to test with film.

lford Sporti circa 1959

Results from this camera are good. I keep having to remember to set the focus correctly. the other vintage cameras that i use dont have this function and the DSLR is auto, so its easily done if i’m not too clued up or excited about the shot.

I really like the shots that I have managed to get from this, its a sweet little thing that still maintains a certain amount of ‘vintageness’ in the resultant images.

'I'm a Photographer Not a Terrorist' demonstration

Monument in London

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