Coronet Twelve-20

Coronet Twelve-20 is a twin lens, fixed focus box camera made by Coronet of Birmingham in the 1950’s. The construction appears to be of pressed cardboard and is very basic with only one setting for ‘sunny’ or ‘cloudy’ via a small leaver which pulls a smaller aperture over the lens.
The view finder is a small square window approximately one inch square on the top of the box. The view through it is anything but clear.

I received this camera from a member of 28days later who had found it after a clear out. I was unsure as to whether it would work or not as the shutter seemed to be very slow and not always working when the release was pressed.
The lens is also very dirty. I managed to clear the it both inside and out with professional fluid (Windowlene) and loaded up a 400 ASA BW film for a test roll.

Viveca and I headed to Crystal Palace Park to check out the dinosaurs. I really was not sure what to expect once film was developed but was very pleasantly surprised. The resultant images despite not being anywhere near crisp have a wonderful vintage appearance and do look as if they have been shot many years ago with a very atmospheric feel to them.

I’ve not used this camera since running the first roll of film through it but will use it again in the near future on a brighter day. Images below were taken on an overcast afternoon.

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs - Coronet Twelve-20

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs - Coronet Twelve-20