The Coronet Cadet was my Mum’s first camera. Its languished in our loft at home for many years and has once again come to be used as my interest in photography has grown.

The camera itself was made circa 1959 in Birmingham in England. It has not settings at all except from the shutter release and film winder. There is no attachment for a flash which is a little disappointing. The camera uses 120 (6×6) film.

I was not expecting anything special from this camera given its age and the the ‘quirky’ Coronet Twelve-20 that I also own.

However I was very pleasantly surprised. The simplicity lends itself to this type of camera. Too often I have taken a shot with my Illford Sporti and forgotten to set the focal length due to it not being TTL or SLR based.

Of all my vintage / 120 cameras, this is my favorite, both for sentimental reasons, quality of images and simplicity of use.