Enfusion Live 19 London was the second time that I’d shot for Kieran Keddle. I’d been looking forward to the event for some time. I really enjoy shooting K1, quite a bit more than MMA, mor striking more kicks and no BJJ which although technical isn’t very interesting from a photographic perspective.

We arrived early and had time for the traditional McDonald’s for fore getting to work, I’d had a heavy night previously so the carbs were welcome. and woke me up a little.¬†Enfusion Live

The undercard was great, super bouts with all the fights well matched. The standout fights for me were the youth bouts, in both cases the fighters really going for it in a safe environment. There’s no reason why kids shouldn’t pursue martial arts to this level, all showed skill and tenacity beyond their years.

Enfusion Live

The bout I’d come to see though was Andrew Tate vs. Wendell Roche. He latter fighter has notched up over 200 fights and was holding the -90kg belt. Tate on the other hand with less than a quarter of the ring time and around twenty years junior. I don’t really know too much about Roche, Tate on the other hand is a complex character, very intelligent and very self assured, somewhat entertaining as well.Enfusion Live

The fight lasted only two rounds, Cobra Tate took the fight to Wendell, the second round was full of body blows wearing the older fighter down until he dropped to the canvas, despite getting up before the full ten count the referee called the fight declaring a KO.Enfusion Live

Tate took to the mike after the result was announced and in a show of respect praised his opponent before announcing his desire to take the -85kg belt.

The final bout of the night was between Daniel Sam and Ismael ‘The Tank’ Lazar. I don’t mind saying that I thought that this would be one way traffic with Sam dishing out all the punishment, his superior height and reach working to his advantage. The upset cane in the third round when The Tank unleashed a massive left hook that landed right on the chin of Sam dropping him immediately. The Englishman was unable to get to his feet before the count.Enfusion Live

Ismael’s fans certainly appreciated the win with a fair few of then getting int other ring giving him the bumps and holding him up in praise.

All in all a superb night again with the team at Enfusion Live, top quality production as I have come to expect from Kieran and his Dutch counterpart Betty.

Photographically the evening was challenging, I never like shooting up into the lights and it takes a bit of time to work out the best camera settings and the best settings are always a compromise. I’m glad that once again the 5dmk3 did the business, taking advantage of wide aperture and great ISO capability. I really thought that my images weren’t up to much after looking at them on the back of my camera, happily Lightroom came to the rescue and I think I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

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