This weekend I had the pleasure of my second proper photoshoot with a model. Elisha is a friend of Sunny who I shot recently and is a tattoo artist.


We’d been plotting for a while so had an idea of what between us we wanted to shoot. Similar to Sunny, Elisha hadn’t modeled previously which surprised am as she very pretty and has legs to die for!


After a little coaching we got to work and managed to get some great images.


We shot for around four hours, starting off dressed ending in the bedroom in underwear and her husbands shirt. Interestingly both Elisha were happier shooting in the bedroom rather than with a backdrop standing or seated. I’m not totally sure why this is, possibly as she had less to think about from a posing perspective, only having to position her hands rather than whole body.


I’m really happy with the outcome and I know Elisha is too. Although taking and processing the pics is a joy for me, the reaction when the Elisha was the pics was priceless, ‘I can’t believe that’s actually me’!


Full gallery is HERE