This was the second time that I’d shot Elisha, the first being around a year ago. I think she was the second proper portrait session that I had and I was a bit unsure of myself as I think she was too.

Since then I’ve honed my skills a little and Elisha has gone blonde. We’d talked a bit between each other about what to wear and swapped images over messenger. I was keen to do a bit more portraiture and less boudoir and had a particular look in mind. Id also taken delivery of a couple of new backdrops in the previous week so was itching to try them out properly.

Elisha arrived on time, we said our hellos, decided on what to kick off wearing and started shooting with Elisha in a black goth dress and lacy top. She looked great and didn’t take long to get into the swing of things. I was really impressed that she didn’t take very much coaching at all and responded well to my directions.

Elisha- (2)

This was exactly the shot I was after. It must be said that looking at the back of the camera I knew we are onto a winner. A quick change of clothes and backdrop and we were off again.
Id bought the top below for another shoot, but didn’t get around to using it so I was pleased to find a use for it. It was immediately gratifying to see that everything was working together and we were zooming through poses.


Using the long lens I had to step onto the balcony to get almost full length shots whilst snatching a few closeup portraits. Elisha has a cracking smile and certainly showed it off on request, we didn’t really go for many moody looking shots, the weather was good and it was a nice day so we stuck to the program.
Elisha-We switched from the studio setup to shooting with natural light next to my patio doors, Id spent that previous day tidying for just this shoot so I had to use it. I’m not a natural light shooter at all preferring to use lights to give me greater control. Elisha had brought a cracking fluffy cardigan with her which worked really well.

Finally a change into lingerie shot in the same location. I used v-flats to reflect the window light back onto my model to try to get a bit more even lighting and to try to keep ISO low for maximum clarity.

I very rarely process in black and white, I find it quite hard to get the tones and contrast correct but I’m happy with this one.

Overall I am really happy with the shoot we worked really well together and the images are by far my best so far, we wrapped everything up in a total of four hours, four or five outfit changes and a similar number of setups. I still have to work hard on poses though, so I think that a few more tutorials are required.

Frustratingly there is little that needs to be done in post-processing, both great and annoying as I enjoy the post work as much as the shooting but I guess that shows how I am progressing in my photographic journey.