Here’s an image from ECVB – the derelict power station in Belgium. This is truly one of my urbex high points. The site is massive with loads of rusty pipes. Its on a grand scale too – over 10 floors I would guess.I was exploring alone, in a foreign country knowing that there was security onsite and a live station just next door. I was totally wired to every noise, crack, groan and creak that the building was making. I often heard footsteps, but reassured myself that all i was hearing was the birds flying around inside. Exploring alone is a different proposition to being with a buddy, having someo0ne else with me breeds confidence, thus relaxing me a little. Of course there is also the safety aspect, but once in that somewhat faded and I learnt to be careful turning to the task in hand.

I’m also much more jittery with my photography when on my own, something to do with adrenalin I reckon, this means that my hit rate is far lower than when accompanied, so I must learn to take more time, get the right shot, with the right composition and exposure. Too many of the images from my solo trip across Belgium were not quite right which is a  real shame.

ECVB, the disused power station and urbex temple in Belgium (Mark Blundell)

This image is from the ground floor, just by the entrance point. I’ve had this one in the bag for a while, but not had the PS skills to do it justice. The lesson here is to wait and sit on the image until you can process it just how you want.

Click on the image for a larger version and the rest of the set.