Since the first time I went to ECVB  on a solo trip quite some time ago I have wanted to do a series of panoramas of this awesome location.

The main hall is so vast that to take simple images just does not do it justice. When one arrives in here initially there is a real WOW factor, huge pipes extending over 4-5 floors, rusty and crusty, a true cathedral to industrial urban exploration.

Press the PLAY button and explore for yourself.


The image is made up of A LOT of images. there ase 126 images at 7 one stop brackets, so 18 images stitched together. My workflow is along the lines of the following :

I process a single image in Photomatix and save the settings to get the HDR just how I want it and then batch the 7 bracket sets to speed the HDR process and ensure that each matches.

Pano2VR to produces the rectangular image. In this case the JPEG is 216Mb and over 12000 x 6000 pixels in size. Processing a TIFF although preferable would take too long and be too cumbersome on my PC.

Finally the panorama is made into a VR using Pano2VR.

Annoyingly there is a fairly large loss of quality between my home PC and the web version. Both use Flash so I’m not sure where the compression is causing softness at the larger magnifications.