A change from the UE and Belgium trip . . . .

This weekend Viveca and I went to Dungeness. Its a strange place with a collection of small houses / huts on the south eastern tip of the UK. I was looking forward to this trip as I’ve not shot brackets at the beach before and was interested to see how the pebbles would turn out.


I would say that this is a very special location, apparently the beach advances each year, this is caused by the long-shore drift heading both south and east. Consequently there are many small boats heft high and dry on the shingle. Rotting and weathered the corrode and collapse to be taken back to nature, skeletons of peoples livelihood listing and leaning until they disappear into the stones below.

There is a wild collection of bulldozers and winching gear that must have been used in the past too pull boats up the steep bank out of the way of the high tide.

We were lucky enough to get out of bed late and what with the journey taking a couple of hours we were blessed with the setting sun giving lovely lighting conditions for the most part. I have to say that this was one of my best photography experiences and I cant wait to go back.

Many more images to come . . . .