Another trip to Dungeness. This time the weather wasn’t so kind to us. It was bloody freezing! Forecast was for sunny spells, but they didn’t mention the rain. We were well prepared with lots of clothes, but were still a little chilly.

I began to get a bit fed up because of the rain, constantly having to wipe and clean the lens only to find once I’d lined up the shot that tit was wet again. very frustrating. Just as i was considering leaving I cane across a really nice oily engine on the beach. These are car engines that are used to haul the fishing boats up onto the shore. the beach is pretty steep so the vessels need to be out of the way of the high tide.

I switched from the 18-135 to 60mm macro and started having a bit of fun. The oil made for deep blacks and great reflections, water adding another dimension to what I was shooting.

I’m really happy with this shot – the cog jumps out exposing its greasyness in all its glory!