Last week I got hold of a ND110 filter- that’s a 100 times reduction in light through the lens. The principal  reason for this was to get some nice shots of milky water. Unfortunately by the time Viveca and I got to Littlestone the tide was out, so the water was a bit far away. The sand here is quite treacherous so I wasn’t prepared to venture further to get the shot that I wanted. As you can see the beach is very flat so the sea was a fair distance away.

I’m looking forward to going home to see my Mum who lives not too far from the coast where I can really put this to the test . . .

The shot below is processed, but not that much compared to my normal work. The image is two exposures – one to get the sea and sky, the other to light the groyne a little. the long exposure was around 45 seconds I think.

The second shot is fairly heavily processed in the sky to gain the blur and zoom, the rest is just brightened up in places with a tone curve up and darkened with tone curve down.