I spotted this sinister Hammer on top of one of the pulling machines. Covered in grease and oil, the head flattened I immediately sawa photo opportunity. It had character, obviously used for a very long time and had no doubt weathered some storms.

Often when I take a photograph I immediately  know what to do with it in post, other times I’m unsure but know I’ll work something out. This was the former. I knew at once that the dark tones, rust and the sprinkling of water would come up well with my macro – small DOF was paramount. Its a 6 shot HDR using only the darkest of the nine exposures taken. The lightest three were no good. It was so windy that I didn’t realise that the strap on my camera was blowing my setup around slightly so had to discard them as they were a little blurred and messed with the HDR. I need a new tripod. One that is the size of my Manfrotto 785B, but more sturdy with a better head.