A welcome return to Dungeness images. I seem to have hit everything I wanted on this day out – images that I am very happy with that are in focus and fairly well composed. What really makes this set though is the light. Its not really something that I have thought about that much before. I know that there is good and bad light, but what about the magical Golden Hour.

This set was shot during The Golden Hour on a lovely day, minimal wind and mostly clear skies towards the end of the summer. It was the first time I had been out somewhere like this with such wonderful light and boy, did it make a difference. The setting sun was behind me in this shot and really gave a great glow to the subject.

We ventured back a few weeks later – it was cold, raining intermittently and windy. Nothing like the day this image was shot,  I ended up fosusing on smaller objects, I still got some good shots, but they weren’t a patch on our first day out.

A disused boat on the shore at Dungeness Kent, UK (Mark Blundell)