Second stop on my journey was Doel. I had other locations planned, but the weather was great, so decided to take a detour to somewhere outside for a stress free explore.

This is one weird place, a deserted village, only three of four roads and to be honest, I cant see that it was ever a thriving place. Nestled on a flood plain right next to the sea in a very industrial area, one side power station, the other massive shipping and containers ready to be loaded into ships.

ROA Bull

The town was bought to make way for a new power station some time ago, houses left, some shuttered and secure, others broken into and desecrated. There is still a strong feeling of a ghost town, its as if people just upped and left. There remains a church, cafe and hardware store. Everywhere seemed deserted apart from tourists come to see the graf and marvel at the land that time forgot. Since the residents have moved out, artists have moved in, the scarcity of people has given them free reign and free canvas to practice their work on a large scale. Most notable of which is ROA and his magnificent animal works.

Roa Bird1

I only went into a couple of the open houses, it seemed too strange. They have all been left, rooms with fitments in place, cookers, cupboards mostly left intact as if the owners were to return some day. This truly is a strange place but  a great day out.