This weekend I has the pleasure of shooting Dasha.

Dasha’s mum had contacted me some time ago with a view to take some snaps of her daughter.  I knew that this would be a challenging shoot as I have been recently used to shooting women in lingerie,  so coming up with poses and lighting for a full afternoon would be stretching me a little.  Nothing ventured,  nothing gained though so I threw myself into it.


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The day didn’t start well to be honest,  the pair were driving from Northampton and we’re due to arrive around midday,  due to several issues conspiring against them they arrived six hours late.  Never mind,  the weather had cooled and light wasn’t as harsh which made for a better experience  for all of us.


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Dasha was  a pleasure to shoot and although not 100% confident with posing we soon got into the groove and came up with some great shots.


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We switched the lighting around and did a costume change,  this is when the magic happened for us.  Dark background and black blouse with the beauty dish, this is the first time that I’ve actually nailed the look that I was after as opposed to simply shooting a little indiscriminately.  Images out of the camera were great and the oh’ and Ash’s coming from Dasha mum who could see the images on the camera were a sure sign of approval.


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By this time it was on the dark side of dusk so did a final switch to outdoors and some more casual clothes.


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Overall the day was awesome.  Dasha was superb,  threw herself into it and is very pretty so that made my job a lot easier. I learnt a lot too,  more about lighting and posing.  Every time I do a shoot I seem to come away with a ‘that’s my best so far’ feeling, this one may be hard to beat