Dartmoor - Underworld - Mark Blundell Photography

Dartmoor – Underworld

Hidden under the Dartmoor turf is this little urbex gem. Its a disused pumping house. The second visit for me, first time it wasn’t this damp. I was expecting there to be a little water, however I wasn’t expecting it to be 18 inches plus deep. I shou8ld have taken my waders!

There is very little to see here apart from what I’ve shown in these two images. The skylights do make it rather atmospheric though and the light can be lovely.

 (Mark Blundell)


 (Mark Blundell)

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  1. Do we live on the same planet, Mark? Seriously, sometimes I think there’s a special place you go to that’s made just for you! What epic shots posted here today, my friend, these are both truly amazing!!

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