One from my summer trip to Belgium from the disused amusement park.

Sometimes there are images that need to be toned down and require a more sombre mood, others need to be shiny and bright. This is somewhere in the middle. During the post process I did have a version that was super shiny. I quite liked it, but overall it was way to eye searing. I like the way this has turned out. Muted trees and the grimy look of the slide picked out.

I’m sure many children had fun here, and some still do, there were a few larking about just before I arrived. There were leaflets left around another part of the park indicating that there was a 50 year anniversary, it seems a shame to have the place closed and it was quite a depressing end to my trip.

Disused slide at Dadi Park in Belgium (Mark Blundell)

No I didnt have a go!