This evening I went to CUD and One Eyed Wayne at Water Rats near Kings Cross. I’ve never been to the venue before but heard plenty about it in the past and I’m pretty sure that several big names have played there in one guise or another over the years.

OEW were great providing a good warm up to The Cud Band who were nothing short of superb. The set consisted of the crowd pleasers and ran thought the back catalogue nicely. A new song ‘Louise’ was played which got a great reaction from those assembled. Carl was on form as ever and the banter was ever present between songs.
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Despite the gig being awesome, it was a really hard show to shoot. Lighting was poor and due to the size of the venue there is no photographers pit meaning that there was a constant battle to be able to hold steady as people danced behind me.
What I am discovering after having shot a few gigs is that photography and appreciation of the gig are almost mutually exclusive. There are few things in life that to me beat seeing a band live. Especially one of my favorite bands. Obviously I also enjoy taking pictures. However since I’ve been taking my camera to concerts I’ve found it hard to concentrate and enjoy the music as much as I would like.  I’ve had to do the job of photographer as well which takes a good deal of thought and concentration at the same time, often I have to block the music out and ensue I am doing a good job of taking pictures, checking composition and exposure as I go. Shooting gigs is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. The smaller the venue the poorer the lighting which makes everything harder to work with.
Maybe I need to go and shoot some music I don’t know or that has no emotional bond to my past and see what happens.
I have my favorite band to shoot next week – The Wonder Stuff so I’ll see how I feel about that, I know for a fact the when Viveca and I go to Soulwaxmas next weekend I’ll wish I had my camera, however I’m sure that the music will mean so much more without my 5D around my neck.