Above the house is an ornamental pond, its a really nice spot in the summer with plenty of fish in the water, however they all seem to be in hiding and I didnt see any at all on this day. Maybe they were keeping warm!


I’ve had a few people ask how I shoot these images, so here goes with the explanation:

I use a Nodal Ninja 4 panoramic head to correct any parallax errors that may occur. This is essential, especially if there are a large number of verticals involved. In this image its not too bad as most of the edges are not straight, so any errors are not easily seen. It takes a bit of fine tuning to get things right but once the head is set-up that it.

I take 6 shots at 45 degrees up and 6 at 45 degrees down, this covers the whole 360 with plenty of overlap to stitch together. All of my work is processed as HDR, so each of the 6 shots is made up of between 11 and 14 brackets to get the full light to dark range.

The HDR part of my workflow is the same as any single image shot – in this case I batch process using Photomatix.

Images are then stitched together using PTGui, this is the trickiest part of the process, making sure that everything is aligned correctly. The software does a good job of it, however there are always a few issues. I’ve managed to create a workflow that seems to do the trick though.

The full flat panorama is then created and processed in Photoshop, I use several filter packages to get the look and feel that I am after.

Finally the image is dropped into Pano2VR where the magic happens and the 360 is created.