This weekend as there was a lack of big events in the area I asked the guys at Combat Company Richmond if I could come and shoot for them. I’ve previously done some portraits for them so thought that this might be a bit of fun and a chance to see some of the more regular club members.

The event was run with amateur rules, no head-shots and a scoring system that seemed a bit alien to me, but that’s why I take pictures, not actually take part. Despite being an amateur competition the standard was still very good with all the competitors having a good go and enjoying the competitive spirit. The biggest surprise for me was one of the bouts that pitched Chris Inglyby against a guy who was considerably younger and a lot smaller in height. I was expecting this to be a one way bout in Chris’s favour  but it turned out to be the other way around with Chris getting armbarred and out witted. Just goes to show that its not size, but experience that counts.

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It was a pretty straight forward shoot for me and exceptionally good to shoot in decent light for a change rather that event lighting. I’m really happy with my pictures on the whole, however shooting through ropes is pretty tricky as I have found out.