Centrale Thermique – Take It Away

I’ve been doing a lot of panoramas recently and although I really like doing them I wanted to get back to something more my usual style. I wanted PIPES this evening.

I was searching through my images from last summer and came across this from Centrale Thermique, its a powerstation in Europe, disused of course.

I’d wanted to go here ever since taking up urbex photography. Unfortunately the day we went was bright and sunny shining in from the right of this shot, making the obvious viewpoint of ‘straight on’ a no go, blown highlights on all of the metal don’t look good at all. We also didn’t stay long so hopefully we’ll be able to venture back one day and explore the rest of the structure, there was so much that we didn’t have time for.

Abandoned Powerstation Centrale Thermique (Mark Blundell)

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  1. Eric Leslie

    Awesome shot man! Its been awhile since I’ve stopped by, glad to see you’re still producing awesome work.

  2. Toad Hollow Photography

    This is totally incredible, Mark. Love the textures and details here, I found myself soaking this scene in for quite some time today!


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